THIS WEEKS FULL ENTRY LIST Please Note That These are Confirmed Entrants and NOT an Invited List. LIST OF DRIVERS RACING AT BIRMINGHAM ON 24TH OCT 1998 FORMULA 1 DRIVERS No Driver Name Hometown SUPERSTAR 1 Frankie Wainman Silsden 41 Gareth Bott Loughborough 53 John Lund Rimmington 175 Rob Pearce Leicestershire 197 Mark Whorton Shenston 250 Keith Chambers Shepshed 318 Rob Speak Manchester 464 James Davidson Altringham RED 21 Mark Gilbank West Midlands 29 Ian Higgins Skiptonthorpe 73 Rob Cowley Weddington 128 John Wright Derbyshire 221 Steve Cooper Cheslyn Bay BLUE 22 Will Yarrow Desborough 202 Richard Mason Cleckheaton 218 Derek Fairhurst West Midlands YELLOW 6 Phil Wheelton Leicester 31 David King Banbury 83 Tony Williams Buckley 94 Sean Tilley Haswell WHITE 15 Paul Bullock Oldham 117 Rob Scriven Cirencester 198 Nigel Whalley Cheshire 205 Stuart Jones Rochdale 207 Darren Smith Bedford 291 Dan Squires Rugby 345 Gary Coyle Northwich 460 Chris Cooke Hickhall
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