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Last updated 7th MAY 1999

Dedicated to Car No.205 and its driver, Stuart Jones.

Stuart Jones has had quite a career. Sadly, his foray into the world of BRiSCA F1 Stock Cars has come to an end. He is currently looking at getting into Formula Ford, which is where he started off many years ago. It's nice to return to your roots Stu........

......BUT, the Stock Car must now go. So all you F1 stars out there, past, present or future - Here is you chance to buy Car 205. Here's the basic spec and just in case you need it, the cars history, so you know what your getting.

  • Phil Smith built F1 Stock Car.
  • Very strong 350 Small Block Chevy.
  • Car rebuilt by FWJ last year
       ( that's Frankie Wainman Junior, reigning champion - You know this car is quality!!)
  • Engine also rebuilt last year

Okay, that's it. The Car must be sold soon.

Price : 3500

If you really are interested in buying this car, and I mean seriously interested, e-mail me at
OR Telephone : 07957 250630 (Mobile)

If you haven't seen the Car, check out these Promotional Photo's Online

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